I followed the voice you gave to me - but now I've gotta find my own

New Yearssss. Okay since you're all so curious, I'll post my resolutions. This is the first time in a long time that I actually have some, because for the past couple years I just never cared since they never worked out. Just kinda gave up. Whatever, here.

01. Have more patience

02. Forgive more easily

03. Permit

04. License

05. 92+ in every class (at least it's realistic...)

06. Less meat. Even though I don't eat much other than chicken the way it is, I still wanna limit the burgers and crap.

That's about all I came up with so far. There will more than likely be more but don't wanna get too crazy here. Well, I'm pretty much ready for bed since... -sniffle- tomorrow would be our first day back :(

HAPPY '07!

+Aaaaand I got my cell back. If anyone cares - 592-1677
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After all you do know best

I feel bad, but I really don't like updating that much. But I like reading other entries. That's not really fair, so I'll push myself. I think it's 'cause of my shitty keyboard. Oh and I hate this computer so I plan on just buying my own after I start working. I know that's easier said than done but we'll see.

This won't be too long though, just a quick recap of Friday up until now. I still have homework to do. Okay, Friday. School was crappy, but it was a half day so I'm not about to complain. Shane didn't go that day so lunch was pretty peaceful. Okay, that will never happen, but well, accident-free. When I got home I was waiting for Dani for, oh, over an hour? Nobody tells me anything! Turns out she went to her friend's house. Thanks for informing me, that's really considerate. And Shane couldn't come over until my mom got home, which was around 2 I think. So I was really bored to say the least. But eventually she did arrive and I was able to leave. I don't even remember what we did. I think his dad came over to work on the house and we just watched TV. Got Larry's for dinner. No need to comment on that already, we all know I adore it.

I was grounded all day Saturday. Totally unjust! Really. My mom assumed that Shane was over when they went out Friday night. But Dani was here and she even told her! Like it was totally stupid, I think she just wanted an excuse. But I got Chinese for dinner lmao. I love food too much. :P

Today. Well Shane's dad was over again so he came over at 12-ish. We're both on a Roller Coaster Tycoon kick so we played that for a while, watched TV. Ate. Then we went to his house and played more RCT. Just went to Pizza Bella for dinner. Goodgood. Now I really need to find a bio article and finish reading the damn chapter.
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